as a way of life

Today, successful managers must constantly adjust their plans due to external trends and events as varied as digital disruption, globalization, Brexit, government regulation and a new generation of consumers.

In response, their companies  have to change with them.  Every new strategy requires a realignment of the entire organization, building new capabilities, attracting new talent and finding new ways of retaining the best.

75% of companies report that they are in the middle of a transformation.  Transformation has become a daily necessity and a way of life.  The challenge is that statistically, 70% of these transformations fail.  Hence the need for organizational health.

why organizational health?

A healthy organization is one which can align, execute and renew faster than competition.

As businesses need to transform at a faster and faster rate, this is the ultimate competitive advantage.  Healthy organizations use every touchpoint with its employees to reinforce the new strategy (mission, vision, strategy, values, priorities, action plans). 

These touchpoints can be meetings, corridor talk, e-mails, intranet, evaluations, development plans, rewards, etc.  Each touchpoint is an opportunity to motivate the individual employee to reassess his behaviour and priorities, either staying on strategy or aligning with the strategy for the first time.

Research confirms that organizational health is the single biggest driver of top and bottom line performance, ahead of technology, innovation, finance, strategy, sales, marketing and production combined.  

outside inspiration

Most companies are forced to change and to transform their operations in order to stay up-to-date and remain successful in the market.  They need to manage this transformation while simultaneously running the day-to-day business.  And despite having only led such transformations once or twice before, they have to overcome the 70% statistical risk of failure.

This situation, more than any other, is one where a fresh, independent and competent outside perspective is needed.  I spent 28 years transforming businesses as an executive across 8 countries before becoming a board director.  The last 5 years, I have helped other managers, teams and organizations build a competitive advantage through leadership and organizational health.

Executive & CEO

Copenhagen Airports, Procter & Gamble

Board Director

Coloplast, VisitDenmark, ALK, CfL, Egmont, B&O


Worked in 8 countries, business responsibility for 125 countries

Senior Advisor

Certified executive coach, mentor, facilitator, lecturer



for individuals, teams and organizations

Your transformation is unique.  You may need to change only one element.  Or you may need to start from scratch with a new strategy.  You may know exactly what needs fixing or it is so far only clear that the results are not up to expectations.  Our collaboration starts with an understanding of your situation, your challenges and your goal.  I use not only my own experience as an executive, board director, coach, facilitator, trainer and consultant, but will also add the best specialist capabilities if needed (quantitative tools, psychology, etc.).  The final plan is based on co-creation with you, as the best way to achieve lasting change in your organization.
If you would like an informal talk about your challenges and needs, feel free to contact me by clicking here.

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